The Startup Squad #1


The Startup Squad 
Brian Weisfeld, Nicole C. Kear
Trade Paperback [2019]
Juvenile Fiction / Business, Careers, Occupations
Ages 8 to 12
176 pages
Series: The Startup Squad (#1)
8.3 in H | 5.6 in W | 0.5 in T | 0.4 lb Wt

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Girls mean business in the first book of a series about four girls starting a small business, learning about friendship, and working as a team.

The start of an exciting new series, The Startup Squad encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in young readers with a fun, accessible voice and a heartwarming story of friendship.

When their 6th grade class holds a fundraiser, four girls who barely know each other are tasked with starting a lemonade stand—and competing against their classmates to raise the most money. But Resa just takes charge without asking, Amelia keeps asking questions, Harriet keeps getting distracted, and Didi cracks under pressure. The recipe for success is tough to perfect, and there’ll be some sweet and sour moments along the way . . . .

The story is seamlessly woven with challenges that teach basic business concepts. The back matter highlights tips that readers can use to start their own businesses!

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