Superheroes are Everywhere

Superheroes Are Everywhere By Kamala Harris, Illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe (2019) – hardcover

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Recommended ages: 3 to 7
Reading Level: Lexile 640L

What a delightful book! Senator Kamala Harris brings us a unique children’s book that can only be described as an “interactive memoir.” Harris shares with us the plethora of childhood figures that inspired her to want to make the world a better place. From her activist grandparents to her kind and loving neighbor, Harris describes the qualities that made these people superheroes in her eyes. 

A large banner sweeps across every page that defines or describes the word hero. “Heroes stand up for what’s right.” “Heroes are teachers.” Harris then describes someone from her own life that embodies the banner message. An interactive element is included on every page, ending the biographical anecdotes by posing a question to the reader. “Who stands up for what’s right in your life?” “Who are your favorite teachers?” This is such a fabulous and simple way to engage young readers and encourage discussion! 

Harris ends with a message for the reader: “Heroes are…YOU!” and proceeds with a list of introspective questions for kids that aims to make them realize just how easy it is to become a hero. Additional content includes a timeline of major milestones in Harris’ life and a collection of personal, captioned photographs that decorate the inside covers.

Illustrator Mechal Renee Roe comes through in what’s becoming a signature joyous and celebratory style. Her debut books, Happy Hair and Cool Cuts, are MiJa Books favorites! 

Happy Hair Cool Cuts by Mechal Renee Roe

Take-away message: This one’s easy, it’s right in the title! Superheroes are everywhere! Senator Harris teaches kids that superpowers and capes do not define what it means to be a superhero. She uses real life examples of strong role models that shaped who she was to become. 

TAGS: Notable POC, mixed race, Indian, Jamaican, diverse characters, female lead, hardcover, Kamala Harris, Spanish edition

The Spanish edition Los Superhéroes están en todas partes is also available for purchase in our MiJa Books Shop! 
Los superheroes estan en todos partes

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