Top 9 Children's Books With Mixed Race Protagonists

Because representation matters! As a biracial family, we are on a constant search for books with protagonists of color that recognize, embrace, and celebrate their identity. And it’s a huge plus when those protagonists are mixed race! We are raising our Afro Latina daughter to love both her Black and Mexican heritage. And the books below should also be equally embraced by non-mixed-race children. They are all great primers for kids that are starting to question our differences and trying to understand the diverse world around them. These books cover a range of topics from biracial siblings simply showing each other love, to an expertly written conversation-starter on skin-tone and race. Most of the books are intended for ages 4 to 8. Click on the book titles or images for further details.

Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color (2019)

Honeysmoke by Monique Fields

This powerful and delightful story follows young Simone, a biracial girl with a Black mom and white dad. Simone one day recognizes that her skin is not like mom or dad’s. Or like anyone else she knows. She wants a color-word that is representative of exactly who she is. So Simone creates her own word: Honeysmoke!

Mixed Me! (2015)

Mixed Me! by Taye Diggs

We follow a day in the life of Mike, a highly-energetic, mixed race kid. You’d be exhausted by all of the questions and comments he has to field, “your mom and dad don’t match,” “your hair isn’t straight enough.” But Mike is tough and proud. His loving parents always tell him that he was mixed up perfectly, he’s just right!

Hermanito – Little Brother (2019)

Hermanito- Little Brother

Hermanito-Little Brother is a playful bilingual (English & Spanish) book about a loving group of mixed-race siblings, Mateo, Amaya, and Santiago. The Latina mom and Black dad teach their children how to be responsible and “take care of business.” Fun activity pages for readers are included as additional content.

“Daddy Why Am I Brown?”: A Healthy Conversation About Skin Color and Family (2019)

Daddy Why Am I Brown

The story follows a biracial girl named Joy and the conversation she has with her dad when she realizes one day that she isn’t the same color as either of her parents (Black dad and Asian mom). The conversation that transpires is carefully and expertly crafted by the author, Dr. Bedford Palmer, a licensed psychologist.

I Am Whole (2020)

I Am Whole Book

This delightful book recognizes what it really means to be mixed-race. Names and ethinicity are intentionally left out of this story so as to appeal to as many children as possible. Although the primary family is comprised of a white dad, brown-skinned mom, and their daughter, there are prominent depictions of various cultures and multiracial characters.

Not So Different (2020)

Not So Different

This book encourages children to embrace their differences and celebrate diversity. The primary character is a biracial child (Black mom and white dad) who is intentionally left nameless and non-gendered throughout the book. The character is depicted with a diverse group of friends that have different skin tones and hair textures. One wears glasses while another is wheelchair bound.

I Am Mixed (2012)

I Am Mixed

I Am Mixed follows mixed race twins Nia and Jay (their dad is White and their mom is Black) as they celebrate all of the attributes that make them unique. From their multicultural heritage to their skin tones, Nia and Jay are proud to represent “the best from all over the world.”

Black, White, Just Right! (1993)

Black White Just Right by Marguerite Davol

This is a fun read about a mixed race girl that exudes pride from being biracial. She celebrates the traits and characteristics that make her Black mom and White dad unique and then tells us about her own unique personality that makes her a perfect blend of her parents. It’s a great conversation starter to talk to your kids about inheriting genes, and you’ll surely have fun identifying the unique traits in your own family!

I’m Mixed! (2018)

I'm Mixed by Maggy Williams

Growing up as a biracial child, Maggy Williams had three options: she could identify as black, white, or mixed. She chose to embrace her multiracial heritage because she was taught that she could. Her hope is that this book will help children to realize that it is possible to integrate their multiple racial identities.


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